Activated Cellular Memory
Method (ACM)

Discovered by Rayelan Allan in 1984

An Evolutionary Approach to Wholeness

  • Release Negative Emotion, Trauma and Pain
  • Discover and Release Your Embedded "Memory Triggers"
  • Unlock New Talents and Creativity
  • A Simple and Easy Method Which Uses Your Breath
    To Heal and Balance You on ALL Levels

    In 1984, Rayelan Allan had a Near Death Experience that changed her life forever. After many years as a dedicated spiritual seeker, she came down with viral meningitis. The doctor told her husband to take her home. She would either die or get well.

    While she lay in bed wondering if she was going to die, she walked through her closet doors into another dimension. While there, she attended a class about the holographic nature of the Universe. The instructor told the class that their studies on earth were almost over and they and their classmates were getting ready to graduate.

    The instructor talked about negative emotions and memories that get embedded in the cells of the physical body. He said that before their class would be allowed to leave the earth plane, they had to clear the negatively charged emotions from their physical body... all the way down to the atomic level. He said that the rest of the universe did not want to become infected with "the Earth Virus".

    While in this other dimension, Rayelan was given the secrets of Activating Cellular Memories and clearing them. The ACM Method is simple and easy. All it takes is breath,balance and self discipline.

    Rayelan Allan Writes:

    After I recovered from my Near Death Experience (NDE), I began giving free classes and treatments in the ACM process.

    During my NDE, I attended a class where this process was explained and given to me to bring back. I knew what it did. I knew why it was important that people make the connection from the part of the brain where the memories are stored, to the part of the body where traumatic memories are stored.

    Before the NDE, I had never thought about memories being stored in different parts of the body. Of course the actual "memories" aren't in the various parts of the body, but the various parts of the body still hold tension in the skin and the muscles, from the original traumatic incident. I was told that people go through life not knowing that they have "trigger" spots on their bodies, that can bring up many different memories that are connected to the original trauma. The original trauma probably has been forgotten or repressed; but the "triggers" still are there, and these triggers can cause a person to fall into fear, anger, rage, submission, shame, guilt... and a whole host of other emotions... from a simple touch or accidental bump.

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    The following is a brief outline of what I was taught in the class that I attended in my out of body (OBE) near death experience NDE. I was told what the ACM Method did. But I wasn't told how to do it.

    In the classroom, we practiced a long, slow connected breath. So I knew that was part of the process. I also knew that the person's chakra system had to be in balance. But I didn't know by what method this was to be done.

    I knew that I could help balance the chakras through an energy transfer that the teacher in the classroom explained. My memory of the lessons, that were taught to all of us by the teacher, that night, is that the actual transmission of knowledge went on telepathically between each student and the teacher. I have a feeling that some of the students who were in the "gallery" that night were "downloaded" with their own information. I expect that many of these "downloaded" people will soon be awakening soon.

    The classroom where these lessons were taught looked like a college science classroom. Two students sat at each large laboratory station. The classroom was set up similar to the one in the photo below.

    The stations in my classroom were square. They were in two rows of three stations each, with aisles between them. Two students sat at each of the six stations. In the front of the classroom, a teacher from India stood behind a table or desk, in front of a chalk board.

    When I entered the classroom he said, "You're late. Be seated so we can begin."

    I remember seeing that almost all of the other students were in night clothes. One of the men was in his underwear. Another man was in sweat pants with no shirt. I was in a white night gown. The women were in pajamas and t-shirts. There were 12 of us. I have met one of the men from the classroom. He's a chiropractor.

    While there were only 12 of us in the actual classroom, there were many more people seated in an observing gallery. This gallery was huge. There could have been hundreds of thousands of people in the gallery. It surrounded the classroom like a funnel. It kept going up as far as the eye could see.

    There were three different lessons being taught in that classroom.

    I was taught how to clear traumatic memories out of the physical body so that a person isn't held back by the emotions that the old trauma causes to rise from the body.

    Other students were taught how to clear the DNA and thereby heal it.

    Other students were taught how to clear the atoms that make up our bodies. We were told that atoms are holograms. They contain the history of everything they have ever been part of. If they were part of a person who was tortured to death, you have those memories in your body. If you have atoms in your body that were part of an exploding star, you have the feeling of that experience in your unconscious.

    We were told that as a person uses the method I was taught and clears their personal traumas, (which the teacher referred to sometimes as garbage,) that we may bring up DNA memories that had to be cleared. He said we would relive some of the things that happened to our ancestors, going all the way back to the beginning of our earth and off the earth to other worlds.

    He told us that after we had cleared the trauma out of the cells of our body, and cleared our DNA memories... that we would approach a point where we would feel "clear" from the personal traumas (garbage) that kept us from performing our missions. When we reached that point, we would be expected to start clearing the atomic akashic record. I had the feeling that those of us who were at this class, had taken on the job of restoring the planet to what it was when we came to Earth... and that this had to be done before any of us could LEAVE Earth.

    Somehow I knew that cleaning the atomic akashic record was something that each of us who attended class that night, had volunteered to do, in addition to our own personal missions.

    The teacher led us through three exercises, one for cellular memories, one for DNA memories and one that allowed us to experience the holographic nature on the atoms in our bodies.

    The lesson that taught us how to clear cellular memories literally transformed the past for me. The teacher came over to me and put his hand on my head. I became angry and tried to pull away from him. He told me to "breathe into it." "Breathe into WHAT?" I thought angrily. He heard my thought and answered. "Breathe into the top of your head. Find the secret that lies there."

    I wanted to pull away from him. The feeling of his hand on my head was so overwhelming that I could barely breathe at all. I heard him say, "Breathe into it... breathe." I followed his directions and breathed while imagining the breath going in and out of the top of my head. Suddenly I was a little girl in church. The minister put his hand on my head. I pulled away. His hand on my head made me feel afraid. I remembered an aunt who patted me on the head. I hated it. And because of that, I didn't like my aunt. In my mind I kept going back in time to events where the top of my head had been touched or patted and I had reacted angrily or fearfully to it.

    Suddenly I found myself playing hide and seek with my brother. I must have been six or seven. I heard him finish counting. I hadn't found a place to hide yet, so in haste, I opened the woodbox on the back porch and jumped in.

    My brother seemed to know exactly where I was hiding. He came and sat on the wood box and told me there were spiders in it. I became afraid. I tried to open the box, but he was sitting on it. I kept pushing the top of the box with my head, trying to get it to open. The more I pushed, the angrier I got. I started screaming at him. The anger turned to terror. I became claustrophobic and felt I was dying. I started shreiking in fear. My grandmother came out the door and shooed my brother away. She yelled at him for putting me in the box.

    Suddenly my entire memory of the event was transformed. I remembered it as a claustrophobic nightmare in which spiders were crawling all over me as I tried to use my head to lift the lid off. After I breathed into it, I saw that it was just a game, and I had hidden in the wood box many times before. There were no spiders in the wood box.

    Before this session, I remember the old wood box as a broken down box that was dirty and filled with spiders. As the teacher moved on to the next student, I saw the box as it had been at the time. My mother had lined the wood box with wall paper. It was a box of many uses. In the winter it was brought into the house and placed by the fireplace. It was not old and full of spiders like my unconscious had remembered it. It was a box that was used for wood in the winter and in the summer, it was used to keep papers or dirty clothes, or was used as an extra seat at the table when we had company.

    I had hidden in the box many times before. I had fun hiding in the box. I then realized why I didn't like anyone touching my head. A touch on my head activated the memory of being trapped in the box. My brother told me there were spiders. I believed him and went into terror because I wrongly believed I was trapped in a box with spiders. The session allowed me to let go of the fear, anger and terror and replace it with what should have been there... happiness and fun.

    A little later, after the teacher had led each student on their own cellular memory journey, he led us through a session in which we relived an experience that one of our ancestors had lived through.

    Since I am not one of the students who was given the secret of clearing DNA, I don't remember how the teacher led us to the DNA memory that needed to be cleared. Suddenly, without warning, I found myself in a forest. My lip was bleeding. A man was standing near me holding a baby. He was crying and saying he was sorry. I then realized that the woman with the bleeding lip wasn't me... it was my mother... I was her... of maybe my soul was inside her and I believed I was her. The baby was my brother who is 11 years older. The man who was crying was my father.

    My father had been using a sledge hammer and a wedge to split logs into wood for the fire. A piece of the wedge had flown off and hit my mother in her upper lip. It started bleeding. My father saw what he had done and felt so bad he started crying. He handed her a handkerchief and walked her back to their cabin in the mountains. My mother had a small red spot on her upper lip ever since that day.

    The next time I saw my mother, I asked her about that red mark on her lip. The story she told was the exact story I had seen in my out of body experience.

    I could tell by the expressions on the faces of the other students that they had also relived a similar DNA memory.

    The instructor then stood in front of the class and said, "Now I am going to show you how it feels to access the memories of the stars." He instructed the class to place their index finger over their heart. He told them to press down with their fingernail until they could feel the pressure in one small spot.

    "Draw all of your consciousness into this area," he said, "Begin to breathe the long, slow connected breath. This is your heart chakra; it is the center of your body. It is the place where Father-God and Mother- Earth meet in love. Father-God is spirit, Mother-Earth is his opposite, she is material. He is without form, She is with form. Humans were created in the image of their Father and their Mother. Humans carries the spirit of their Father and they wear the material body of their Mother. When a human comes into a perfect state of balance the energies of the Father and the Mother can meet in the heart chakra. Remember to breathe, breathe slowly and continuously.

    "The Mother's energy is red. She enters into the balanced physical body through the base chakra. The Father's energy is white. He enters the body through the crown chakra. There are seven chakras. Mother and Father each travel through three chakras and meet in the center on the human body... the heart chakra. When this happens to a human, mystics and psychics see the heart chakra radiating a beautiful pink aura. Mother and Father are communing in love.

    "Continue drawing all of your energy into the space beneath your fingernail. Choose one cell and go deep inside of it. Remember to breathe. Focus all your attention on that one cell. See yourself going into the cell. Breathe.... Now pick an atom and place your consciousness inside the atom."

    The instructor had barely finished his sentence... when I entered the atom I had chosen. I heard and felt a loud roaring sound. It sounded like a jet engine. Everything went black. I felt like I was traveling at the speed of light inside a tunnel. Suddenly I broke free of the darkness and found myself sailing through space.

    The stars were beautiful.

    I was joyously happy.

    I sailed through space as if I were a small plane.

    I did flips and dives and barrel rolls. I swooped down on a planet and saw beautiful deer like creatures bounding over tall grass which resembled wheat. I sailed in closer for a better look. Suddenly I found myself in the body of one of the deer creatures. I felt its joy and happiness as it ran side by side with its mate, leaping and bounding over the tall grass like two dancers performing an intricate ballet. I felt the intelligence and the love of these creatures. They were not dumb animals, they had souls and feelings and thoughts very much like mine. They were on the planet developing their ability to think and reason. The male deer was a mathematician; the female was a philosopher who told me she was going to be a famous Greek playwright.

    The stars called me again and I left the body of the deer people. I again sailed through the universe. I was headed for my home, which I knew was near Sirius. I was racing home because I longed with all my heart to be back with my Father and my family. But the joy of being out of body and free to wander the universe was overwhelming. I was exhilarated with my newly found gift of flight.

    Instead of making a Beeline for home, I played in the universe. I circled and swooped down on several more planets.

    After a while, the thought of going home once again filled me. I stopped visiting other planets and started home, sailing through space doing flips and rolls and thoroughly enjoying the freedom that being out of body gave me. Suddenly a huge white wall appeared in front of me, blocking my path. I skidded to a stop to keep from crashing into the white wall. I sailed to the right, but the wall was still there. I sailed to the left, but I could not get past the wall. I stopped and stared at it.

    The white wall wasn't a wall. It was an off white roughly woven robe which was like a cross between burlap and light weight canvas. At the bottom of the robe were two very large feet wearing dark brown sandals. I suddenly realized that the being in the robe had his hand on my head keeping me from going anywhere. I heard his words inside my head,

    "Where are you going in such a hurry?"

    "I'm going home," I replied.

    "You haven't even started your work on earth. Turn around and look at your home world. You have the secret of preparing your fellow students for their next evolutionary leap. Without your presence, your piece of the puzzle will be lost and the entire evolutionary experiment could fail."

    I looked back at earth. I saw the planet ringed in a brown haze. The haze was the anger, hatred, rage, perversions, wars, and man's inhumanity to his fellow man. I shuddered and said silently, "Thank God I am out of there. I won't go back. I don't want to go back."

    It appeared as if the being in the white robe had heard my thoughts.

    "How is your husband going to feel when he wakes up in the morning and finds your dead body in bed next to him?"

    Suddenly I could see into my bedroom. I saw my husband and in the next instant I was back in bed next to him. I hit with a jolt. I was wide-awake and filled with more energy than I had in months. I got out of bed and wrote down what had just happened.

    I began to regain my strength, but I was still very weak. I still had to spend many hours in bed. I used the time to practice the breathing technique the teacher taught us. As I breathed I felt different sensations arising in different parts of my body. Sometimes the sensation was very slow to leave. In these cases I channeled energy into the area. I noted that when I did this, the sensation quickly went away.

    Sometimes I went into the memory that was attached to the sensation. Other times I simply experienced the sensation without looking deeper to find out what was behind it. I soon discovered that the sensations were like little cans of garbage. I could toss out the can without going through the garbage and re-experiencing it, or I could choose to go through the garbage and feel all the pain once again. I quickly decided that it was easier and faster just to dump the can without going through the garbage.

    By April, I had recovered. When I got out of bed, everything had changed. I went from my deathbed to a hectic schedule. I had never been interested in politics or city government. Now I found myself on an adjunct planning committee for the city of Monterey. In addition to this, I accepted a job as fund raiser for a non profit heritage organization. I became the assistant editor for the newsletter of the local woman's Democratic club and I became the media coordinator for Senator Gary Hart's 1984 presidential campaign. I had never been interested in politics before my near death experience.

    At this same time, I began experimenting with the new clearing process I had learned in the near death experience. I was experimenting with music to balance the chakras, and breath to clear the stored memories. I invited a group of friends to join me and learn the method as a group. I also was doing private sessions on an experimental basis with a select group of volunteers.

    By 1985, a friend and I were conducting Activated Cellular Memory (ACM) workshops, (that is what I named the clearing process.)

    In 1987 I began to travel throughout the United States giving private and group sessions. The feedback from people who attended the workshops was incredible. Almost 98% of my students were able to release themselves from their bodies and travel through the universe as I had done. Each of them brought back valuable lessons from their journeys. They were also able to let go of much of the emotional garbage that had been trapped in their cells. Several women who had been in therapy for years told me that one session with me cut straight to the root of their problems and they were able to let go of the trauma.

    In 1989 I married Gunther Russbacher.

    He was arrested two days after we married. I was told he was a con man who was on a crime spree marrying and defrauding wealthy widows. At first I believed the FBI. When I came out of my shock, I remembered that I had known this man for 13 years. I knew him as a Naval Officer.

    I quickly discovered I had married the banker of the CIA. I also learned that he was a Habsburg Baron from Salzburg, Austria. He was kept in jail for one year. When he was released he took me to lunch with the Director of the CIA and to dinner with his direct boss, a four star admiral who was Director of Covert Operations for the CIA. I also met two of his closest friends, two Navy Captains who were also cousins from Austria.

    Shortly after this meeting he was re-arrested by the same FBI agent. This time he was charged with misuse of a government aircraft. It was at this time that an attempt was made on his life. He called a friend,who is an investigator and author, Rodney Stich. He asked Rodney to record what he was going to say because if he was killed, he wanted me to know why.

    The story he told Rodney was written up in this article:

    Navy flier testifies he flew Bush to Paris for deal to block release of hostages

    During the years I was married to Gunther, there was no way I could do private sessions or workshops. While I was married to him, there were seven attempts on my life. One was made by a woman I thought was a friend. She used a syringe to poison all the eggs in my refrigerator.

    I was warned by one of Gunther's bosses. As I started to throw the first egg down the drain, I saw that it had a small hole in the bottom, I checked each egg. Each egg had the same hole.

    Gunther's boss took the eggs and the drinks and the boxes of cereal. I don't remember what he said was in the eggs, but it would have killed anyone who had eaten it. The cereal was loaded with extra niacin which may or may not have caused Gunther to have a heart attack. He had just had quintuple bypass surgery.

    Because people wanted me dead, I could not trust having strangers in my house or even traveling by myself to give workshops. My career as a radio host, a healer, a workshop coordinator was abruptly stopped the day I married Gunther.

    Gunther left me in 1996.

    The first workshop I gave after that was in 1999, at the same time I released my book, Diana, Queen of Heaven

    The recordings that teach the ACM Method were introduced for the first time at the 1999 Global Sciences Congress in Denver.

    The two tape set that teaches ACM Method has been digitized
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