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Please note, the Templars who used this meditation in the past, neither have nor HAD any connection whatsoever to the group now known as the Masons. According to one Templar from Austria, "The Masons built their Satanic order on the charred bones of Jacques DeMolay"

Note from Rayelan:

In 1984 I began my present journey in earnest! I didn't know it at the time, but I began walking the path that God had laid down for me! I had NO idea that the path I would walk would involve politics, investigation, journalism, spiritual growth, and mind and body work! If I had not prepared myself on ALL levels, body, mind and soul; I would never have survived this journey!

In 1984 I joined up with Barbara Honegger and began a whole new chapter in my life... investigating government crimes and corruption. This chapter would eventually lead to the creation of Rumor Mill News.

That same year I became an ordained minister! That's a side I rarely talk about, because I believe that a person's spiritual or religious beliefs are private and should stay so! If ever I decide to go higher in the church and become a Bishop, I will start my own internet church and ordain ALL of you as priests!

[June 1, 2008 addendum: I was consecrated as a Bishop in 2007 and an Internet Church will soon be created!]

Our church believes that everyone should be a Priest, that way they have direct contact with our Creator and NEVER have to feel they must go through another human to reach God!!

I was ordained by an Archbishop who was 93 years old. After months of talking with him, I discovered that he had taught my Uncle in the 1930s, AND he had taught Manley Palmer Hall when he was a teenager! He was still one of Manley's closer friends.

Shortly after being ordained by Warren, I became obcessed with the colors red and green! I will insert an article that was written several years ago for a local paper. It will finish explaining how my search for the secret of the Christmas colors led to meeting Manley Hall, and having him personally review the results of my four year research project into the colors red and green.

Here is the review Manley Hall wrote for the tape called "Prosperity for the Children of Light". His longtime secretary told me that he had NEVER written a review on any book or tape that was sold in his bookstore.

"This meditation is based on the ancient mysteries and teaches the use of money and abundance as a guidelight to enlightenment. Aimed at the modern world citizen, the meditation works to bring the student into alignment with his higher will so that money can be used wisely for the awakening of humanity."

Manley Hall, 1988

I have walked the path of one of the Children of Light since 1984. I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars doing workshops and giving private sessions using my ACM process. I could still be doing that and making 10 times the money I am making now. Instead, I struggle every month, just trying to keep Rumor Mill News on the web and RadioRMN on the air. The Forces of Darkness know that RMN carries the Light of Truth in all areas. RMN does not just cover politics. It does not ban the spiritual side of humans to the back pages. It presents the truth about every aspect of human life side by side because all aspects of humanity are important.

The Mainstream Media (MSM) wants you to believe that the only things that are important are the things they present. Most of the MSM is owned by the very people who want to keep you asleep, therefore they do not want anyone to present all sides of the human nature and try as hard as possible to put all the pieces together and discover the truth about our human journey.

I can understand that the Power that Be (PTB) would try very hard to keep Rumor Mill News from growing and expanding. The PTB never know what RMN is going to present. So, for the time being, until God releases me from my commitment to RMN, I will continue to devote my time to presenting as much of the truth as I am capable of doing, along with over 100 top reporters, investigators, philosophers, researchers, and writers from all over the planet!!

I pray that some day I will be able to return to writing and speaking about healing and spiritual things. Maybe I will even be able to finish some of the children's books I started years ago. But for now, I am doing what GOD wants me to do! I am one of the Children of Light, and I am carrying out the mission I came to earth to do.

Believe me, I could make a lot more money doing other things besides publishing RMN. I would never have to ask for financial help from my readers if I returned to my teaching and traveling schedule. But if I did that, I would not reach and help awaken the people GOD told me HE wanted awakened!

"One of the things that I have seen happening to many people is this... God is shaking them awake right now. A lot of people, who have been asleep their entire lives, are getting jerked awake very abruptly."

There are people upon the planet who do not want to awaken. They are happy in their play and they wish to remain asleep. These people are usually ones who have achieved some manner of comfort and happiness.

The more comfortable you are...

The less likely you are to want to rock the boat...

Or wake up!

If you are ready to Awaken Read The Awakening Prose
I would suspect that most of the people who are involved with Rumor Mill News are also "Children of Light"... whether you know it or not! The Children of Light came to change the world for the better and restore it to the Plan that our Father set forth for it!

Occasionally some who read The Awakening Prose have revelations and inspirations that lift the soul up out the swirling darkness and let it remember who we are!

But so far, the revelations stop short of making the leap that is necessary to take all of us to that higher plane of consciousness we all know exists!!

But we all continue, and maybe one of these days, working together, we WILL achieve that for which we all have searched... and believe me... it is NOT money! While money is important to keep this Rumor Mill News on the web, doing the work it needs to do... money has never been important to any of the Children of Light... whether they are born with the name Smith or Rockefeller!

A Templar Secret of Prosperity

The Knights Templars had many secrets regarding their ability to acquire vast wealth. One of their secrets was discovered by Rayelan Allan. It took her many long years to discover that the Templar Secret of Prosperity is very simple. It is so simple that most people can't find it, don't believe it or overlook it if they do stumble upon it.

The secret is:

Find out what God wants you to do, then do it

As simple as this sounds, sometimes, in today's busy world, this kind of simplicity eludes us.

This Prosperity Symbol is one that the Knights Templars used to bring themselves back into alignment with God.

The colors red and green speak to your unconscious mind and let it know that you are already healthy, wealthy and wise.

The shape creates balance on all levels and quiets your chattering mind. In this state of peace, harmony and balance, you will know what God wants you to do, and He will provide you the means of doing it.

One of Several Used by The Knights Templars To Create or Restore Balance, Direction, Health and Wealth

Here is the article from a Healing Center's Newsletter:

The Prosperity Symbol was Researched and Created by Rayelan Allan

When Rayelan began the research that eventually led to the discovery of one of the Knights Templars' Secrets of Prosperity, she was not looking for the secret of their enormous wealth. She was researching the Knights Templars, and other esoteric societies to find their secret of enlightenment. Her Mentor in her research was a 93 year old archbishop. He had been a student of esoteric mysteries since he was six years old. At one point in his life, he had been a Mason, but left the order for reasons he did not reveal. Rayelan was ordained by him in 1984, and under his direction, she began an intense study of hidden societies.

Because her Mentor had been a Mason, at times it was not possible for him to answer her questions without violating his oath of secrecy. Therefore, he would send her to various libraries and individuals to find the answers. One of the libraries he sent her to was the Philosophical Research Library, which was created by the esoteric philosopher, Manly Hall. Mr Hall had been also been a student of Rayelan's Mentor.

At PRS she ran across an unusual reference to the power of the Christmas colors red and green. Intrigued by the mystery of red and green and their relationship to the Christ Mass (Christmas) season, she began her search for the secret of red and green. It was this search that led to her discovery of the Templar Secret of Prosperity. The symbol of the Knights Templars is a red cross. Red is the opposite of green, and opposites attract! Once you understand what red and green symbolize, you will understand this Templar Secret of Prosperity. You will also begin to understand that the real Templar secret of prosperity is:

Find out what God wants you to do... then do it!

  • He will provide everything you need in order to do your Work.
  • He will provide it at the exact moment you need it, and not one minute sooner.
  • The original Prosperity secret was released in 1986.

    At that time, Rayelan was advised not to call it a Templar Meditation.

    In 1994, at a Templar Lodge outside of Salzburg, Austria, she was given permission to call her discovery, A Templar Secret of Prosperity.

    Permission was given as a reward for her help in returning the hidden Templar gold to Europe.

    Staying true to the Templar Way of teaching enlightenment, it was the ONLY compensation given her!

    On the cover of the first tape set was a warning. Please pay attention to it:

    WARNING: Not everyone should use this meditation. Before you use the Prosperity Meditation please be sure that your motives for acquiring wealth are in harmony with your higher will, and the Higher Will of the Universe.

    A Templar Secret of Prosperity

    The Knights Templars had many secrets regarding their ability to acquire vast wealth. One of their secrets was discovered by Rayelan Allan. It took her many long years to discover that the Templar Secret of Prosperity is very simple.

    It is so simple that most people can't find it, don't believe it or overlook it if they do stumble upon it.

    The secret is: Find out what God wants you to do, then do it.


    I am NOT going to re-release them anytime in the near future.

    I have CDs that can be purchased for $14.88

    The meditation does NOT work for everyone. If you have NOT reached the point of spiritual development where you have the wisdom to know how to use great wealth, you will NOT be able to use it.

    If you try to use it for greed, power, lust, and other lower desires, be forewarned that the meditation is powerful. It will teach you that these desires are not in YOUR highest interest. If may teach you this by putting you in prison for a while.... or by bankrupting you.

    Before you use this meditation, be sure that your reason for using it is for the highest good of all concerned.


    But PLEASE read the rest of this first!!

    More information on the Prosperity Meditation can be found on this page:

    A Templar Prosperity Symbol

    This Templar Secret of Prosperity has NOTHING to do with money or being rich!
    It's about being PROSPEROUS on all levels!!



    Seed money is a VERY important principle that Light Workers need to understand and use everyday!!

    For the sake of our planet and all who live on it, please read what is written here and practice the principles. Money is meant to be kept in motion. Knowing this and practicing this can speed money into your life and into the lives of other Light Workers who are here on earth for the purpose of assisting Mother Earth in these amazing and awakening times.

    Excerpts from Seed Money in Action

    by Jon Speller

    The following excerpts were found on this page

    The entire SEED MONEY book can be read online at this link:

    Seed Money - The Law of Tenfold Return by Jon P. Speller

    We should love money for the good it can do.

    Functioning properly, money is "green energy." As energy it feeds the hungry, shelters the homeless, heals the sick, provides access to knowledge, opens the world to everyone through travel, and allows the comforts and pleasures desired by the whole human race.

    One of the things for which money can be used is as Seed Money. This means that we can so use money that we reap a harvest of multiplied money and those things which can be purchased with money.

    Money which is hoarded is useless, for money is only a medium of exchange. Money as energy is God in action, a means of doing good. As buried treasure it is inert, serving no one, doing nothing. Think of it as a living means of acquiring good for yourself and for everyone.

    God works in mysterious ways. Often Seed Money tenfold return is not just tenfold in kind,but has added attributes of good beyond the expectation of the practicer of the Seed Money technique.

    We should believe the principle.

    Many people don't understand how the giving of Seed Money produces its tenfold return without any risk whatever. But it is a fact. The Law of Tenfold Return always works.

    The reason there is no risk whatever in the principle of Seed Money is that it is rooted in the Holy Scriptures, "But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

    Jesus said, "What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." He did not say that you won't have them. He did not say that you might have them. He said that you shall have them.

    The key word Jesus used there is "believe." There is no room for chance in believing. There is no room for chance in the Law of Tenfold Return.

    The giving and receiving of Seed Money is an act of one human soul, and the soul is always individual. You must never allow another's disbelief to interfere with an act of faith which is your very own.

    As God can satisfy every desire, the only limitation on Seed Money returns is you, yourself. You alone can affect your reaping of your tenfold harvest—regardless of the amount involved.

    There is no Divine Limitation, only our human one.

    As there are many forms of wealth, so your tenfold return from Seed Money giving is not necessarily in the form of currency. Remember that money is solely a medium of exchange. The goods and services you acquire with it are what is important, not the money itself.

    The Law of Tenfold Return can fulfill every righteous desire. It is not limited by price. It is not limited by lack. The resources of God are unlimited, and every human being has direct access to these resources.

    We should trust in and demand God's bounty.

    In trusting God one cannot fear—and the principle of Seed Money demands absolute trust in God. If you fear, what you get is what you get.

    But your supply is only equal to your demand, and it is up to you to make your own demand on the abundant bounty of God. There is no lack of supply, only a lack of demand. You have to claim what you want, not what you don't want.

    The correct use of the Seed Money formula leaves the means of providing the tenfold return to its ultimate source, God.

    Seed money is your thanks to God for that which you shall receive. When you plant a seed, or a shoot, in your greenhouse, you expect it to become a full-grown plant, or you wouldn't bother to go through the effort. So it is with planting Seed Money. First comes the seed, then comes the full blossom.

    In utilizing the Seed Money principle you are saying in effect, "Here's the seed I plant. Here's the investment I make with God. Here's the money with which I bless my fellow human beings. I claim my tenfold return."

    Freely give to freely receive—in turn receive to keep giving.

    You must forgive your creditors and forget your resentments toward them. And it is also important that you forgive yourself—you cannot really forgive others without forgiving yourself, nor can you really forgive yourself without forgiving others.

    We should ask for tenfold return.

    The answer to why tenfold and not elevenfold or twentyfold or thirty-fivefold or a millionfold is quite simple. The number 10 is the easiest of all to multiply by. You merely add a zero to the figure with which you start. The zero is symbolic of the fact that it is nothing for God to send you your multiplied return, that to God it is less than the air you breathe to make available your Seed Money return.

    Multiplying by ten is easily done, and easier to set in your mind.

    Why shouldn't you try to receive a millionfold return? Because you must be able to conceive yourself as having the amount you claim. In order to receive a millionfold return you must be able to imagine that you already have it. Doubt shuts off our return, creating a block. It will be the doubt that we receive. One must crawl before one can walk, and walk before one can run.

    So the proper method is to start the process of giving—planting—but plant no more than you can conceive yourself as receiving tenfold in return. Then lay positive claim to that.

    Claiming a specific amount makes the receiving of it both easier and more rapid. Actually, you are in no way limiting yourself by making a claim for a specific amount because you can apply and reapply the principle an endless number of times either in succession or concurrently.

    Claiming a specific amount also allows the psychological process of heightened awareness to work for you.

    We should feel gratitude and give thanks.

    Your tenfold return must be important to you—important enough to call forth from you a fullhearted thankfulness as well as the necessary mental effort. Gratitude is the open door to abundance. It helps to shorten the time required for your receiving your tenfold return.

    Gratitude is an indispensable catalyst in the working of the law of tenfold return.

    Before we can expect more we must give thanks for that which we already have.

    Everything is in its source from God—what we have received and what we are receiving through the Seed Money principle.

    By giving thanks for what we already have—including that part which we are giving as Seed Money—we help to expand our Seed Money to its tenfold return.

    We should be conscious.

    When exercising the Seed Money principle, never limit the channel from which your return may come. As God is the source of everything, His channels are unlimited.

    However, because of subtle negative thoughts which seem to originate with many people when they have "many irons in the fire," it is recommended that they, at first, sow their Seed Money successively. Then each tenfold return helps to fortify faith in the next.

    Your work within the Seed Money principle is also to leave all constructive ways open for it to reach you after claiming the tenfold return of your gift. Do not pay the slightest attention to where your tenfold return is coming from. That is neither your work nor your responsibility. God takes care of both the means and the manner.

    You do have to recognize it when you receive it, however. The reason some people do not recognize their tenfold return, even when they have received it, is because the way and manner of a tenfold return is generally unexpected.

    Some people always give up before they get their return because they set a time limitation when they plant their Seed Money. That is a great mistake. God knows but one unit of time—now.

    When we give our Seed Money and claim our return we must know that our tenfold return has already been made. Any thought that the return will only be made in the future will postpone our return indefinitely.

    How long will it take to receive a return? Time is a human concept. Do your work faithfully and go happily about your normal business. As certainly as the day will dawn on the morrow your effort will be rewarded.

    There is also an after-the-fact technique which invariably helps to shorten the time required for receiving tenfold returns. It aids in registering the pattern clearly in your mind.

    Imagine that you have the return in hand. That much you must do. Then, to that add the mental picture of exactly what you are going to do with the money.

    It is very important for us to get out of our mental patterns of poverty—to realize that, as God knows no lack, neither do we. The individual must get himself out of the vicious circle of need and poverty. He must stop focusing on them and instead focus on receiving, having, sharing and giving.

    We should give fullheartedly.

    The plain and simple truth is that you must start giving before you can start receiving.

    The gift itself not only mentally sets in motion a cycle of ever-increasing energy—which returns to you in your tenfold return—but it also serves to fix firmly in your mind the image of the desired return.

    In addition to making your Seed Money gift to start the flow of prosperity to you, believing that you have already received your multiplied return is your only work.

    Practice this art of believing specifically as an actor practices his lines, as a champion golfer practices his swing, as a great concert pianist practices on his instrument. There is no other endeavor in life which can pay off as well.

    We find in Genesis that "God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good." When you declare that your tenfold return is "with good to all concerned," you are keeping the entire transaction on the proper level, "very good" in every respect.

    The spirit in which you give is the most important thing about your gift. Why? It is intrinsic to your state of mind and it will carry through into your multiplied return.

    When an opportunity to give is offered to you, if you consider giving and then decide against it, saying in effect, "I better not, I may need it myself," you will most certainly need it yourself.

    If you give grudgingly or calculatingly these configurations will be present in your return.

    If, however, you give boldly, generously, fullheartedly, impulsively, spontaneously, it shall be given to you tenfold in the same manner.

    There is a spiritual energy which flows through every human being. This spiritual energy which flows through your mind will flow into whatever pattern you conceive, and as all energy works in a circuit, the energy which flows through your mind brings back to you of its invisible circuit the material counterpart of your thoughts, words and emotions.

    So, if you pattern the spiritual energy which flows through your mind with a lack of good, a lack of good will appear to be returned to you. If instead you pattern this spiritual energy with happiness, happiness will be returned to you.

    The principle of Seed Money is very simple:

    1. Plant the Seed Money. Give the amount you wish to the organization or person you wish.

    2. Now you cultivate your claim. Immediately after you make your gift, and as soon as you are alone, make your tenfold claim in the following manner: "Dear God, I have received $___(tenfold the exact sum you have given) in return, with good to all concerned. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

    3. Repeat this formula, time and again. Say it just before you fall asleep. Say it during the night if you waken. Say it several times the first thing in the morning. Do it enough and then relax and follow your normal routine. It is not necessary to overwork.

    4. Start your work at a modest level, but high enough so that your gift and your multiplied return are both important to you, so that you will do the work as outlined conscientiously. If you start at too high a level so that you may begin to wonder from where all the money is coming, you are liable to incur doubts. Avoid doubts or they will manifest themselves in your results.

    5. Tell no one of your claim or work. Do it in private. You may do it silently or aloud. You may write down your claim or claims and refer to them at times to refresh your mind. The only work you have to do is to impress the pattern on your mind.

    6. In the event that your multiplied claim is not returned as rapidly as you think it should be after you have made your gift and done the work on your claim to the best of your ability, carefully repeat the above steps.

    7. Give your gifts in the spirit of complete love and trust. Give boldly, happily, impulsively, fullheartedly, lovingly and generously. It will return to you tenfold in the temporal counterpart of those spiritual qualities.

    Know that the law of tenfold return is always in operation. The Seed Money principle works in your favor when you work it. No one else can do it for you. You must do it for yourself—just as you must breathe for yourself.

    Daily Affirmation for Seed Money in Action

    I know WHO I AM.

    This affirmation can be found at the bottom of this page:

    Daily Affirmation for Seed Money in Action

    Jon Speller, Seed Money in Action (New York, NY: Morning Star Press, 1989). [Daily Affirmation supplied from 1964 edition, p. 84.]

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